Saturday, February 26, 2011


हृदय में मचा भूचाल
बढ़ते हाथ कलम की ओर
मानो कलम न हो, हो ढाल

भ्रम में रहती जीवित
न रहते उसके होगा
मन आघातों से पीड़ित

कि करती कैद कहानी
और हरते हर मंशा को
शब्द-रुपी सैनानी

जैसे कागज़ की ओर
नस-सी कलम में बहता
रक्त हृदय को छोड़

करता शब्दों को संचित
जागृत होती कविता
मंद-मंद मन मूर्छित..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

To all my multi-vitamin pills

I was wondering what makes me hold on to some friends better than the rest. What makes some of them way more special, way more indispensable than the rest? And I think this may be the answer (or at least one of the reasons)...

Most of the relationships in life are compartmentalized. So there are mentors, people you can go out and watch a movie with, people you are agony aunt to, people who are agony aunts to you, people you can share your philosophical angst with, people you can talk work with, people you can discuss ipod with, people you can bitch about with, people who you can just be silent with without the silence being uncomfortable...

But there are very few people who are ALL or most of these. And fewer still are those who are all of these without being judgemental about you (and vice versa). Who can understand and reciprocate many dimensions of your conscious existence. And who let you be who you fundamentally are (if there is anything like that).

And though I may not be the friendly, buddy-to-all, girl next door, I think am very lucky to have a few such multiple-role friends. When you have multi-vitamin pills, you don’t really need a sackful of A, B, C, Ds...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ball of Yarn

You lift me up, throw me down
Merrily laugh, as I rebound

You nudge me sore when I sleep sound
And when I'm awake, you turn around

You pump me up to prick me flat
You say "this" when I say "that"

How you love the games you play
And how I love being played your way