Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I’m done anticipating
when I’ll come home
and find a note in your stead

I’m done keeping
the ears of a dog
Alert to catch sounds
of people moving out
Strangers moving in

You blow like breeze
And I settle, like snow
I think we both know
We were never meant to be

And yet we’re pretending
That I can flow
And you can stay
Because today’s not that day
We want to call out 
the elephant in the room

The wall clock is just where it was
Wardrobes neatly arranged
Why upset things?

But I’m done watching
the wall clock tick like a time bomb
And the wardrobe
that any moment now
can spill out skeletons 

If I broke this glass bottle
That’s sitting on this table between us
Broke this careful silence
And announced that it was time to leave
The ghost would be out
It won’t scare us as it does now
Hiding behind these curtains