Thursday, August 21, 2008

My experiments with an unknown software, a broken mic and a fan that makes a lot of noise

Ok.. here's an experiment i did with a karaoke piece and my voice...

The disclaimers before i am sent gratuitous eggs and tomatoes:

1) I am really bad at softwares in general and mixing in particular..

2) The split second time lag between the vocals and music is not my fault. The darned software plays the reference track whimsically- sometimes breaking off, sometimes skipping sections (it's like it's saying "
How long is this gonna last?"

3) The minimalist approach to the picture on the video is just saving the labour of finding the appropriate pictures in sync with the theme and streaming them.. Hence abstract art- just to be safe..

4) In case you're using headphones, the
tak-tak noise in the background is not beats but my fan

5) And finally, yes i know i could've used "noise reduction" but my musically discerning software treated some of my singing as noise and wisely deleted it .. so i did away with the feature..

NOW we're ready to comment...

P.S. Kindness is a virtue..