Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For 2014

Be like super-woman or -man,
Be more than you think you can
No knot can not be undone
When you choose to so become

But curse not your weakness and fears
The greatest too shed silent tears
For being "super" is rarely without
The humanizing effect of doubt

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Grow Love In My Backyard

I could die, as I live
in stories I weave
Spin webs around me
and never, never leave

I grow love in my backyard
Hide songs in tree hollows
Dreams in cottonseeds
I slavishly follow

I blow soapy bubbles
I'm in them, I soar
They stick, they burst
I blow some more

It's madness, hell yeah!
I'd hate to be sane
You're ashes, I'm dust
We're dying all the same

Don't save me from darkness
Don't tell me how it is
There's nothing out there
That I will ever miss

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let go, baby let go

Let go, baby let go

Your roots hurt the ground
It cracks from your love
You grew too fast to stay
and far too above
Release, your memories
Go down, nice and slow
Let go, baby let go

The brand of iron hot
with your name it sears
a flesh that once did live
that died with every tear
And now you lie on your bed
with lion-hide on fours
Let go, baby let go

Don't wait for a last kiss
or parting words that seal
The script's been long lost
and monologues won't heal
There're far too many questions
for all you want to know
Let go, baby let go