Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Chapter 5

The mobile phone flashed “Ani calling” on its screen. Rohit said the shortest prayer he had ever said “ God, let her be in a good mood”

“Hi” , said a weak voice from the other end.

“Hi”, hesitatingly said Rohit , unsure of what was to come, although for the phone call to begin with a “hi” instead of “ I have decided something” was a good sign.

“ I forgive you. Come back home”

“ Oh thank God! I’ll be back in a half hour. I love you!”

“ Love you too.” And the voice on the other end trailed off.

Rohit was ecstatic. For the first time he did not bargain with the autowallah on his way back. There was just one question still rankling his mind- although he decided to let it pass. “But I still don’t get it. What had I done??”



Karthik Balakrishnan said...

Whose the cook here? Whoever you are you have the potential to be in the likes of some great columnists.Personally my favorite is Jug Suraiya .You definitely must read his columns.Well coming to the "Top Chef" here,are you making a reality series here.I mean reading this "story" doesnt seem like a hypothetical situation at all.Technology has become a way of life.No longer would you ask someone any doubt.Google it.I wouldn't have been surprised if both anita or rohit googled each other. The 8Mps world (though a bit slow) is jumbled with 1 and zeros.Any zero here or there messes up the whole meaning.Perplexity is the side affect of technology.Love has been here in this world for ages and i think it has lost its way in this ones and zeros of today.Love ain't binary.Love "flavors" the simple minded.Doesn't it Top Chef?

the who said...

They say every writer's first story has autobiographical undertones. Not so in this case!! Though the characters are inspired from real people.. hence the "reality series flavor" to it!
Your binary-logic analogy hits the nail right on its head!! Profound, i must say.. Chef says you guessed the recipe right!!


read all the 05 installment . Too cool .

Arpit Agarwal said...

Very well written pieces. I particularly liked the size of segments. It reminded me of the master - O'Henry.

And a very well captured twist...Overall a pleasant experience of reading... thanks to Prashant Singh for sharing this..

Keep writing!

the who said...

Thank you Prashant and Arpit... honored! Shall keep trying to come up with interesting writings.. please feel free to also point out flaws so that i can improvise..

Shesha Chaturvedi said...

Hahahahaha I loved it!!! Too good! :D