Monday, June 16, 2008

A Prayer that doesn't rhyme.. a title that shows i need it

God, give me the courage
to question what i fear
and then the patience
to learn the answers
and then the courage
to act upon them.
And while i learn
give me the will power
to not lapse into

Give me the discretion
to know the difference
between what the eyes see
and what the mind knows.
Let it dawn on me
as an instinct so strong
that the mind and the heart
are no longer apart.
And then give me the conviction
to stand by my ideals,
not those that come from school,
or books or scriptures
or convenience or fear,
but those that feel
true to my soul.
And then give me the strength
to protect them
when the world
warns me against them.

Give me the freedom
to flow with change
and not stagnate
from a viscous ego.
And let me learn
to live and love
and let go
without wanting
to appropriate.
And then give me the humility
to accept the change
that is good
and the integrity to resist
that which is not.

And finally, God,
enlighten me
so I make choices
that are best
for everyone
who is affected.
And also enlighten them
to see the larger meaning
beneath it.
And then let not
the hurt caused
become a scar.
Instead let it be
the light
that glows; therefrom
in you we shall unite...

(My few and hence dear readers,
Chitchatni could see quite a few inscrutable, abstruse, half philosophical, half desperate, hardly ingenious but probably the most sincere posts in some time to come.
Please bear with it all as you would an old, senile woman's rantings to herself.
Your comments are more valuable now than ever.
You sometimes unwittingly say things that help me realize better the truth of my situation .)


Daac Saab said...

Nice Poem.....Bhagwan sab ko Sad-Buddhi DE!!


Amen!!! Btw I am amazed ,I don't know what it is coincidence,Devinne Intervention or Serendipity but this time also
Beji has an answer :)

the who said...

@ daac saab - i hope "sad" hindi waala hai
@ Prashant - yeah i'd like to believe it's divine intervention.. Beji seems to be such a balanced person.. it must be great to know someone like that..

Nirat said...
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Karthik Balakrishnan said...

Can i pray with you?

the who said...

@ Karthik: you're most welcome. synergy works better..