Thursday, August 21, 2008

My experiments with an unknown software, a broken mic and a fan that makes a lot of noise

Ok.. here's an experiment i did with a karaoke piece and my voice...

The disclaimers before i am sent gratuitous eggs and tomatoes:

1) I am really bad at softwares in general and mixing in particular..

2) The split second time lag between the vocals and music is not my fault. The darned software plays the reference track whimsically- sometimes breaking off, sometimes skipping sections (it's like it's saying "
How long is this gonna last?"

3) The minimalist approach to the picture on the video is just saving the labour of finding the appropriate pictures in sync with the theme and streaming them.. Hence abstract art- just to be safe..

4) In case you're using headphones, the
tak-tak noise in the background is not beats but my fan

5) And finally, yes i know i could've used "noise reduction" but my musically discerning software treated some of my singing as noise and wisely deleted it .. so i did away with the feature..

NOW we're ready to comment...

P.S. Kindness is a virtue..


Nirat said...

this is super brilliant stuff. if u r this good with unknown software, broken mics, little practice (on this no.) and a broken fan, i hope u r able to extrapolate for urself how it would be with

a) Nuendo / Cubase
b) Shure condensors (those are mics:D)
c) A super silent studio with a samsung (i like that brand) air conditioning system
d) practice

i am blown away and awed no ends.


same as above

the who said...

:) thank you Nirat..
You're kind..
I'm soo motivated to do more now..
And i agree a samsung could sure teach my fan to be a lil more disciplined :P
point no d) is soo what i could use now... with practice those lil imperfect half-notes will be taken care of...

the who said...

thank you Prashant... i'm smiling ear to ear...
believe me, the appreciation means a LOT to me.. will keep me going despite heavy odds..

sdbrain said...

wonderful...very nice..really liked ur voice..
waiting for u to come up wid some originals soon... :)

the who said...

Thank you David.. have some original compositions too but dunno how to play the synth to make a decent track... i try on guitar but even my guitar skills are very unrefined.. so it's like i have the tune and all in mind and lyrics on paper but can't make a track to support :(
wish i could play the synth like you..
but hopefully in sometime i will atleast have learnt to strum the guitar well enough to make a decent track for my compositions
lets hope laziness doesn't get the better of me :)

Karthik said...

Is that you! No way.I though you were good at cooking.:D.Forget the pictures and video for some time.Please load the mp3 version.(i think there is a widget).Somebody is smiling(all mushy inside) and would want to listen carefully.

the who said...

@ Karthik- which widget? tell me about it.. you know i'm the most incompetent when it comes to finding these things on my own... btw that doc about Ulead came to my rescue on some issues... thanks :)

Daac Saab said...

wah ustaad waah! ...btw fan did a bit of tabla job ;)

gnine said...

BRAVO BRAVO......Dhaasu is the first word which came to my mind.

Karthik said...

Please! i learn too... By having a widget people can come and listen to "your" music and it would not depend on a post. The article below should give an idea.Come on spruce up the blog!

Anish Basu Roy said...

the audio is too broken...but heard sufficiently enough to intrigue to mail me the lyrics??

the who said...

@ daac saab: yeah... now isn't THAT what we call "electrifying" performance!!

@ gnine : THANKS! bole to ekdum dhasu din bana diya apun ka :)

@ anish: perhaps you should let it download fully first.. the lyrics can be found at

Anonymous said...

your voice is too good keep practising you will have good feature in music industry

with love

Nilesh Trivedi said...

@the who

You don't know me. Prashant gave me the link to your recording and I have listened to this track a countless number of times. And by "listened", I mean dropping everything, closing my eyes and savoring the sound. This is inspirational stuff.

How I wish I knew you and could play along with you. Ah, well :-)

the who said...

Dasan- Heyy!! long time since i heard from you.. my mistake.. i have been very inactive on emails and blogs..Thanks for the appreciation, don't know about the music industry, but i do like bathroom singing and i am very regular in that!

Nilesh- Thanks again! I am totally flattered!! One, because i had almost forgotten about my blog and two, because music is the core of my being and when someone genuinely likes it, i feel deeply satisfied. Thanks to Prashant for having shared this link. These are the few friends I have who make me believe in myself!!