Sunday, January 1, 2012

To Power. To Hope.

There is something about struggle. Perhaps it gives meaning to life. Perhaps it makes me feel that I shall "earn" the fruits, and enjoy them without guilt. And even if I do not get the fruits I was waiting for, I hope that somewhere in the grand cosmic balance-sheet, my returns are due.

In struggle is hope.

However, that the struggle yields to the fruition of my desires, is not in my control. But that it leads to a change in character, is in my hands.

In struggle is power.

Come 2012! I have walked into the furnace. Now, by all means use the hammer. Mould me until perfection. Beat, till i'm strong within. Grind, till you remove all that is unworthy. And yet, like a skilled artisan, leave me malleable enough to not break when forces of change arrive.

2012. To power, to hope.

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