Friday, November 23, 2012


Mad man!
What is your truth?
How can you see yellow
when we all see red?
when it is red?
Mad Mad Mad!
In a finite world
there is room
for only one truth-
the truth of numbers


Prashant Singh said...

what does it mean ?

Sures Kumar TS said...

a million likes! :-)

the who said...

PS - If I post the "bhavartha" of it here it'll take away from it, much like explaining a joke! Maybe we can talk about it between us, and I would be more interested to know what you think it could mean than explaining "it's meaning" .. for in my entangled, infinite world, there is room for more than one truth :)

the who said...

Sures - haha.. i'm not sure if I should congratulate myself for the million LIKES or laugh at the irony of the MILLION likes ("the truth of numbers"!)