Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For 2014

Be like super-woman or -man,
Be more than you think you can
No knot can not be undone
When you choose to so become

But curse not your weakness and fears
The greatest too shed silent tears
For being "super" is rarely without
The humanizing effect of doubt


Anish Basu Roy said...

All my problems stem from this desire to be super,
Constantly endeavoring to be better.
Now I am spurred by the motivation to learn
In the process, not bother about how much I earn.
I am done with the pain of walking
Now I wish to relax under the shade.

the who said...

I wish you shade
But should a road be without one
I wish you 'super'
Not the kind that makes you chase the carrot that 'they' call 'better'
but the kind that makes you still want to walk the road
In all its pain and pleasure
If only to 'learn' what lies ahead.