Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unrequited Love

Oh gym!

I sigh…

Not from overweight

But wistfulness

Every time

The morning’s nigh…

From the moment I first

Lay my eyes

Upon you

I realized

You could never be mine…

How will I ever

"Measure" up to

Your lovers

Who walk

Like the seconds

Of a digital clock

And talk,

As Bush on Iraq,

Of everything

that’s lard…

Whilst I am

But a dreamy

Hamburger eating bard …

Who, but I, knows

What it is to have loved

And lost…

So in grief I binge

On potato wedges

From last spring

As my fridge



Karthik said...

Hehe.You are crazy.If you are such Hamburger what would happen to all the icecream when the fridge defrosts.Poor little Gym..he tries so hard to burn those few extra calories whilst you go complaining like Paris Hilton.A little "magic" under the skin is good. For you,me and the poor gym.Hehe..and the potato.


Nice !

the who said...

@ Karthik- trust you to come up with the weirdest of explanations!! LOL..

@ Prashant - thanks dude :-)


Dude ??
Looks Like you are in a good mood
What's the reason ?
Had some good food ?

[Damn !! it rhymes )

the who said...

i think it's alcohol
that's taken its toll
while we rhyme words
one and all
Humpty dumpty had a great fall..