Friday, December 12, 2008

A small drop in the ocean..

"If I do not board the train in the next four minutes , I'll miss one of my closest buddy's wedding". As I was rushing to platform no. 3 of the Dadar station, frantically dragging my 25 Kg luggage, a portly man intercepted me and demanded my ticket and identification. Just as I was about to swear under my breath, I remembered all the fiery "enough is enough" and " high time that we acted " statements most of us had been making for the last one week in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks. And then, instead of loosing my temper or pleading with the officer to let me go because I was getting late, things that I would ordinarily have done, I decided to cooperate with him.

As I now made a beeline for my train, I mentally thanked the officer. "Thank you for being vigilant".

I cannot join a bomb disposal squad or single-handedly cleanse the "system", but that day it felt good to have done my tiny bit for my country.

Oh and as my reward, I did not miss my train!



very well said .. Trust me its far more effective than all those virtual group against terror and Fwd email .

the who said...

yeah.. i guess..

Proxy said...

True... It is high time this realization should dawn on everybody!! We, the people, are ever-ready to put the blaim when some tragedy happens... but when it comes to make it happen... its the selfishness that wins!!