Saturday, June 6, 2009

Silly Point

1. Give every batsman benefit of doubt.
2. Bowlers don't get benefit of doubt
3. Moral?? The game is unfair!
4. But isn't that a cynical view of life?
5. Yes it is!
6. Whoever said a cynical view is not true?
7. Just kidding! I will never be a cynic..
8. Lets come back to the game then
9. A revised Moral?? "Minority gets the sympathy."
10. Isn't that cynical too?
11. A third revision: "Majority does not always win."
12. That was a lame excuse!
13. Okay... a final try:
"All the mathematical/empirical/computational/logical/
semantical/experiential knowledge in the world cannot
predict with a 100% certainty what WILL happen or what
could have happened.
To allow for that, the batsmen should get benefit of doubt."

14. Give every batsman benefit of doubt.
15. Thankfully, in the game of real life, you can give every other batsman benefit of doubt, without necessarily losing the game..
16. But then how do you decide whom to trust?
17. You knew it was coming! The Third Umpire!!
18. Oh.. but I forgot! You are an atheist!
19. We can fix that..
20. Trust your instincts. Your intuition.
21. Now don't tell me you do not believe in your own existence!
22. Despite the fact that to most people you are practically non-existent! :P
23. Okay.. i'm sorry.. that was hitting below the belt.
24. Will that be a "no-ball" then? :P
25. Are you wondering why am i ranting meaningless mumble jumble at 4.32 am??
26. Actually i'm wondering that too..
27. But i can answer one question that surely has been bothering you all this while
28. Why the fish am i writing all this in points? Isn't that what you've been thinking?? Hun?? Hun?? :)
29. Because I was told in school that when you are basically saying just one thing but want to sound more learned, break the same thing into 29 points.
30. Oh and also that you can make people read crappy stuff if it is written in points :)
31. Now that i've made your night anything but good, Goodnight :)

32. P.S. : I think i prove a "point" :P


Karthik said...! Pure time pass entertainment.

Sures Kumar TS said...

Shit ! I mean.. oh god ! how can you come up with something like this ???? you better take some rest ... :-)

Vig said...

Goodness my! Wonderful! Very convincing indeed!

the who said...

Thanks Vig.. Pleasantly surprised to find a word of appreciation on a post long forgotten.. Inspires me to write more often :)

the who said...

@ Suresh: Sorry.. just noticed your comment too.. hehe.. you should never have doubted my capacity to come up with the weirdest posts :)