Friday, November 6, 2009

Thoughts In Brownian Motion

A thousand words
spoken in my head
all in a second
leave me speechless

i feel like i'm dying
but i know i will not
because i do not want to
not as yet

and yet my life flashes
before my eyes
scene after scene
picture after picture
all blurred
smeared boundaries
between the real
and the imaginary

was i awake then?
am i awake now?
whatever it is
amidst this buzz in my head
i realize
there will not be a second..

there will not be
a second this life
a second that laughter
a second those words
a second that evening
a second same sister
a second those tears
a second this second..

greed grips me
i want to collect
bittersweet nothings
panic seizes me
i realize
there is nothing anyone
can ever "recreate"
for if magic
could ever be recreated
wouldn't it then be
cold science?

it is rolling
rolling like a mad stone
and all the moss
that it can ever gather
is blurred images
of the grass
of the gravel
it rolled over
and called its own

i close my eyes
and take a deep breath
then another
and then many other
and then tell myself
that this shall pass

this shall pass
into another tomorrow
whence i will begin again
the same game
of creating images
of owning images
of playing work-work
playing love-love

and it won't matter then
that i know
what i know
for it is seldom that
the puppeteer does not
become himself
the puppet

an ugly truth
a beautiful dream
an ugly dream
a beautiful truth
whatever it is
i'll play along
as ever before
for i am


Karthik said...

For in this human life everything seems to pass quickly,leaving us so little to keep.Maybe this life was a phase to experience everything and the next one we would cherish everything. Meet you there! :)...Keep in touch!

the who said...

:) change it to meet you there TOO
.. and call me sometime you moron