Friday, January 1, 2010


Dear 2010,

Your predecessor was kind to me so you too had better be. I know I have big expectations from you, but they aren't very unreasonable. I asked 2009 for some direction in life, and direction it did give me. But it was a little like asking for directions to Haridwar and being handed out a map in Parsi. I thank it for the map. But i dont really understand Parsi. Although it does give me some idea of where I am located, but then to figure out the way forward, i need to know which side is upside down.

So, first, i need a map in Hindi/English. Or, you can teach me Parsi too. Something tells me you will have me take the second road because it is longer and rougher and that's just to your taste! But then, sarcasm apart, i know you do it so i can learn a new language altogether. (Btw, have you heard of GPS??)

Second, If you think Haridwar is a bad idea, you might also want to point out to me Hong-Kong. But, please, unlike some of your fore-fathers, let the pointing out be loud and clear. Like maybe a big red blinking light with atleast 5 redundant feedbacks (audio/visual/olfactory/tactile/taste) for minimizing errors.

In case you are too drunk or too jubilant to comprehend such boring metaphors, i will state it in simpler terms.

You may now party.

Happy Birthday!


Santa Claus + 1

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