Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Half written notes, cryptic poems,and unstructured posts

i wanted to write a post.
But then i couldn't, really.
It has been happening all too often.
Sometimes i forget what was it that i wanted to write about.
But most of the times i find writing about things that truly stir me- be they bad or good, overwhelming.
Writing is like catharsis to me. It's discomfitting while i go through it but gives me peace when i'm done with it.
Is that the problem? Have i realized that peace is not where revolutions happen? That maybe writing will take me away from doing? That writing will change an idea into beauty - something to be admired and that's it!
Half written notes, cryptic poems, impulsive, unstructured posts... they are my friends for now. Maybe because they understand my mind and don't let the secrets out...


Prashant Singh said...

u know whats nice abt such post? in a way they present chaotic serendipitous beauty of collage. our mind are always evolving always adding something often with contrasting color at boundry of thoughts ......like collage some thing which look complete is often a partial view. good luck for your search of truth.

the who said...

thank you Prashant.. you just made me feel less guilty of being "collagy' in my head :)