Wednesday, January 7, 2009

World Peace, anybody??

Charity is one word that elicits responses of varying degrees and kind from all quarters- from plain indifference, to emotional outbursts; from economic theories to cynicism. So when I came to know about this N.G.O that asks people to donate not necessarily money but intangibles like “TIME” and “TALENT” I was struck by their ingenuity.

This concept is based on the premise that each one of us has some skill or knowledge or talent that we can share with those who can benefit from them and the possibility of corruption does not arise.

My wandering mind could not help but think how many possible applications this brilliant concept can have and how far-reaching and world-changing can its ramifications be!

So I quickly drew up a table of people who have a surfeit of certain such usable tangibles and intangibles and their respective possible beneficiaries.

OR Daan


1 Arjun Singh
"Seat" Daan
Bus Stops , Public Parks

2 India TV.
Reuters Daan
Center For Paranormal Research and Investigation

3 Navjot Singh Siddhu
Laughter Daan
Mamta Bannerjee

4 Aamir Ghajini Khan
Tattoo Daan
Saif Ali Khan, Salman Rushdie (for remembering the names of his exes)

5 Salman Khan
Bashing-up Daan
Speaker of the Lok Sabha (For tackling indiscipline)

6 Investment Bankers
Pink-Slip Daan
Ekta Kapoor

7 Aaj Tak
"Sabse tez" Daan
Inzamam Ul Haq, National Security Advisor

8 Sarah Palin
Hyper-political-correctness Daan
Sambhavana Seth

9 Smriti Irani
Tear Daan
P.M. Drought Relief Fund, Mob Control Resources

10 Delhites to be married
Faaltu-Fund Daan (Includes expenditure on Rose-Petal-Throwing-Machine, the 5:1 attendant to guest ratio and Wedding Choreographers)
National Poverty Alleviation Program

And a few Special Donation Programs -

11 VIPs
Security Personnels Daan
The Aam Aadmi

12 Dog Trainers
Service Daan
Kerala's C.M- V S Achuthanandan

13 Shahrukh Khan
Dialogue timing and delivery Daan
R.R. Patil for "bade bade shehron mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain"

14 Nita Ambani
Private Jet Daan
The N.S.G (so they don't have to keep waiting at airports)

15 Minister of foreign affairs, Pakistan, Malik Amad Khan
Acting skills and histrionics Daan
Imraan Hashmi, Himmesh Reshamiya

16 Any sighted person
Netra (Eyes) Daan
Asif Ali Zardari

Anybody else thinking win-win?? Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize Panel should take a look! ;-)



Oh my god this is too funny !!
Dog Trainers Service Daan for
V S Achuthanandan.
Nita Ambani private jet-NSG .
Rashdie -gajni .phew ...How on earth you come up with such weird co relations . Hats off to your mischievous creativity
this my new Fav on ChitChatni .

the who said...

:) thank you so much Prashant..
Vela mind.. devil's workshop..hence the weird correlations! :P

Lifewith13 said...

I couldn't stop myself!! In one word... it's superb!! you might be struck by the NGO's ingenuity but i am struck by yours. the spread was superb... politics to sports... small screen to bollywood (excellent choice of PAGE 3 celebs)... and the human touch... simply awesome... !!

urban nomad said...

your best post ever :)

the who said...

Whoa! Thank you SOOO much Lifewith13 and urban nomad! Had I not made a new year resolution of gymming everyday and hence avoided spraining my ligament, i would've jumped in joy!
All your comments are dear to me but these ones are specially special! :)

Anish Basu Roy said...