Friday, January 9, 2009

Little Mr. Raju

With the Satyam Faux Pas rife among mailers, I got a mail from Prashant in which nursery rhymes were made on the now notorious Ramalinga Raju.

I couldn't hold the "poet" in me back so I made up one too and with Thumbs up from Prashant ("Blog it, blog it!") I take this opportunity to share it with the rest!

Based on Little Miss Muffet:

Little Mr. Raju
Sat on a Taraju
Balancing his profit and loss..

There came a big shock
He became a laughing "stock"
And 7k Crore turned into dross!



Karthik said...

Sat on a Taraju..Hehe..he definitely got the needle up his ass!

the who said...
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the who said...

the perils of being on the "thin end of the wedge"!

Karthik said...

ROFL..kuch bhi...Good one!